Market For The People


Welcome to Market For The People. This website is dedicated to the advancement of progressive ideas and activism. The name, "Market For The People," alludes to a market of ideas based on reason, justice, activism, and economic sustainability. Within the context of this website, we argue that progressive thought is the process by which individuals engage in the examination of socioeconomic issues through the lens of reason, with no other purpose than to reach conclusions based on facts and reasoned analysis, free from biases, self-serving (or ulterior) motives, and influence from entrenched interests. In other words, the mission and focus of this website is to provide a forum where people can participate in the process of discovery leading to the truth on any particular issue (as much as humanly possible). We argue that, by examining societal challenges using this approach, one is likely to reach reasonable conclusions when it comes to environmental and social justice issues. We encourage all members to discuss any issue they feel is important and present their points of view based on cohesive and respectful arguments.